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Useful information, rules & regulations for attendees

Our Tracks and Facilites

The Hamilton Model Engineers have an extensive set of tracks and facilities to cope with the extra demand at a large convention, and provide an enjoyable experience for all attendees.


  • Inside Track - 3.5", 5" & 7.25", 600 metres long, Two Alternative 3.5" & 5" only routes, One Tunnel, Six Bridges
  • Outside Track - 5" & 7.25", 700 metres long, One Alternative 5" & 7.25" route, Two Tunnels, Two Bridges

Steaming Bays:

  • Maximum Unloading Hoist Height: 1.5 metres
  • Maximum Turntable Length: 4 metres
  • All steaming bays have access to water, 12 volt power and coal

For more specific questions or concerns, please email 2020@hme.co.nz

A Phantom locomotive on it's first test run at our track
A Phantom locomotive on it's first test run at our track

Steam Boiler Certifications

The Hamilton Model Engineers will follow standard practice for boiler certifications and license issuing for Steam N' Steel 2020. Below is a brief outline of our standards in New Zealand, to run a boiler on a MEANZ affiliated track with public passengers. 

  • All steam boilers must have a current boiler certificate, or hold the correct paperwork outside of the MEANZ standards
  • All passenger carrying carriages must hold a valid W.o.F (a practice that should be carried out at every MEANZ registered club in New Zealand)

For any queries regarding these certification standards, please email 2020@hme.co.nz for more specific information for your use case.

Drivers License System

All attendees wishing to drive locomotives at Steam N' Steel 2020 must hold a correct and current license issued by a MEANZ affiliated club in New Zealand. The Hamilton Model Engineers licensing system is as follows:

  • Class 1: Fare-Paying Passengers prohibited, Non-Fare Paying Passengers permitted with Class 3 License Holder Supervision
  • Class 2: Fare-Paying Passengers permitted with Class 3 License Holder Supervision, Non-Fare Paying Passengers permitted
  • Class 3: All Passengers Permitted

Note: All overseas attendees who do not hold a valid MEANZ Drivers License, please get in touch with us at 2020@hme.co.nz to discuss temporary licensing options.

Do you have any other questions, or need information on something else? Email us at 2020@hme.co.nz

One of our youngest members driving a steam engine, with a Class 3 license holder supervising.
One of our youngest members driving a steam engine, with a Class 3 license holder supervising.

The Distinction Hamilton Hotel & Conference Centre
The Distinction Hamilton Hotel & Conference Centre


Hamilton New Zealand is known as a popular 'tourist hub', meaning our city may not be the final destination for tourists, but it's a great place to stay for a night on the way. This means we're fortunate enough to have a plethora of accommodation options within 5-10 minutes drive of our track.

Distinction Hamilton Hotel & Conference Centre was generous enough to sponsor us with a fantastic deal on accommodation exclusively for Steam N' Steel 2020 attendees. To view more information about it, view our blog post here: Accommodation Information

For a list of more local accommodation, download the PDF with a map of their distance from our club.

If you have any further questions regarding Hamilton and accommodation, don't hesitate to contact us at 2020@hme.co.nz

We're constantly adding more information, so stay tuned for more information regarding Health & Safety, our track rules and more.