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Register for Steam N' Steel 2020 Now!

Registrations are live!

If you wish to attend the Steam N' Steel 2020 Convention as a registered attendee, now is the time to sign up. Five full days of model engineering, challenges, networking with like-minded model engineers and our formal dinners. If you want access to the convention site, along with a registration goodie pack, official convention handbook, access to our dinners and more, you need to be a fully registered attendee. Registrations start at only $80, with additional family members for only $15.

Traction Engine Lineup - Steam & Cinders 2018
Traction Engine Lineup - Steam & Cinders 2018

How to Register

There are two main ways to register for Steam N' Steel 2020.

Register Online: Registering online using the Google Form shown here, saves a lot of time during the registration process, and allows us to process your registration easier.

Paper Copy: For those who prefer to print out a registration form, you can do so from the PDF file below and send it back via email or postage.

Day Passes

As of May 2019, we've introduced 'Day Passes' for those wishing to only attend for 1-2 days. From $25 per person, per day, a day pass will grant the individual the following:

  • Access to the Hamilton Model Engineers site, beyond regular public areas
  • Morning/Afternoon Tea
  • The ability to bring your own or drive locomotives at the convention (with the correct paperwork and licensing)
If this is something you are interested in, please contact us at 2020@hme.co.nz

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