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Hamilton Model Engineers Inc.

Steam N' Steel 2020

New Zealand International Model Engineering Convention

Steam N' Steel 2020 Convention

The Hamilton Model Engineers Inc. are proud to host New Zealand's Bi-Annual International Model Engineering Convention for 2020. This event attracts hundreds of model engineers from New Zealand and the wider world, to gather sharing knowledge of model engineering and partaking in challenges. Steam N' Steel 2020 will run from Thursday January 9th until Monday January 13th 2020, running for the public all five days from 10:30am - 3pm.

Steam N' Cinders 2018 Nelson Convention Photo
Steam N' Cinders 2018 Nelson Convention Photo

Registrations are now live!

If you wish to attend the Steam N' Steel 2020 Convention as a registered attendee, registrations are now live! Five full days of model engineering, challenges and formal dinners are just some of the events happening at our convention, so get onboard now! Registrations are available through our online 'Google Forms', which is linked to the website. Plus, a PDF copy can be downloaded and printed, then emailed or posted back to us. For more information on registrations, please contact 2020@hme.co.nz

Please note: Overseas visitors must pay registration fees on-site at the convention, to avoid overseas banking fees. Please contact us for further information.

Information for Attendees

Steam N' Steel hasn't been hosted at the Hamilton Model Engineers since 2004, so since then, a few things may have changed. Here's some of the information to keep you up to date!


  • Inside Track - 3.5", 5" & 7.25", 600 metres long, Two Alternative 3.5" & 5" only routes, One Tunnel, Six Bridges
  • Outside Track - 5" & 7.25", 700 metres long, One Alternative 5" & 7.25" route, Two Tunnels, Two Bridges

Loading Facilities:

  • Maximum Unloading Hoist Height: 1.5m
  • Maximum Turntable Length: 4m


  • All steam boilers must have a current boiler certificate, or hold the correct paperwork outside of the MEANZ standards
  • All passenger carrying carriages must hold a valid WoF (a practice that should be carried out at every MEANZ registered club in New Zealand)
  • All attendees wishing to drive locomotives must hold the correct license. HME's license system is as follows

    • Class 1: Fare-Paying Passengers prohibited, Non-Fare Paying Passengers permitted with Class 3 License Holder Supervision
    • Class 2: Fare-Paying Passengers permitted with Class 3 License Holder Supervision, Non-Fare Paying Passengers permitted
    • Class 3: All Passengers Permitted
    • Note: All overseas attendees who do not hold a valid MEANZ Drivers License, please get in touch with us at 2020@hme.co.nz to discuss temporary licensing options.

Do you have any other questions, or need information on something else? Email us at 2020@hme.co.nz

Accommodation List

A PDF list of local accommodation is available or download.

The Hamilton Model Engineers are located in Minouge Park, 24 Tui Avenue, Hamilton, 3200, New Zealand

Traction Engine Lineup - Steam & Cinders 2018
Traction Engine Lineup - Steam & Cinders 2018

Hamilton Model Engineers Station at Night
Hamilton Model Engineers Station at Night

Day Passes

As of May 2019, we've introduced 'Day Passes' for those wishing to only attend for 1-2 days. From $25 per person, per day, a day pass will grant the individual the following:

  • Access to the Hamilton Model Engineers site, beyond regular public areas
  • Morning/Afternoon Tea
  • The ability to bring your own or drive locomotives at the convention (with the correct paperwork and licensing)

If this is something you are interested in, please contact us at 2020@hme.co.nz

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Stay up to date!

We've got a big year ahead preparing for the 2020 Convention, so make sure you follow our Social Media sites, and our Convention Newsletters for the information you need to stay up-to-date.