It is with great sadness to announce, that after much discussion, the Hamilton Model Engineers Inc. have decided to close until further notice. This means all public operations of trains will stop entirely until further notice, effective immediately.

This decision was not made lightly, and we are incredibly sad we cannot be out there every Sunday putting a smile on the faces of families and our volunteers alike. But for the Health & Safety of the volunteer and the public, we cannot continue operation safely.

17th May 2020
Today, our committee was able to meet for the first time since before the March Alert Level 4 lockdown. This enabled us to discuss the future of the club at Alert Level 2. Here is an update we can provide. 

Are we open? - Unfortunately, due to the restrictions imposed on gatherings at Alert Level 2, we are not open to the public for train rides.

When will you open? - We can confirm we will not be open again until at least Alert Level 1. Alert Level 1 has no restrictions on public gatherings, and this would allow us to operate. However, we cannot confirm any dates currently.

Will members be at the club? - Yes, members will be allowed back to our premises under appropriate Health & Safety guidelines. Please do not be alarmed to see our members back on-site, we will be getting underway with important maintenance again very soon.

Can I come and have a train ride at a working bee? - If you see any trains operating, we ask that you respect that we cannot provide any rides to the public at this time.

How can I get in touch? - We strongly prefer during Alert Level 2, for you to get in touch with us via our Facebook Page or sending an email to

We want to thank you all for your patience and understanding, we can't wait to have our trains running again with our community. For now, stay safe, be kind & please follow all Alert Level 2 guidelines.

11/04/2020 - As we pass the half-way mark for New Zealand's Level 4 Lockdown, we are glad to hear the Governments decision to announce on April 20th the future in terms of potentially moving to Level 3. While we will no longer be in lockdown, we will not be opening for the foreseeable future, due to restrictions on public gatherings at Level 3 & 2. Thanks for your understanding.

23/03/2020 - The New Zealand Government has announced further restrictions over the past week in regards to public gatherings, and we feel our decision to remain closed fits these restrictions very well. Taking into consideration the new alert level, we have re-assessed for this week and will remain closed.

16/03/2020 - The New Zealand Government has announced all public events over 500 people in size, indoors or outdoors, should be cancelled. While we do not often have over 500 people in close proximity at the park, we can often have 100's. We are happy our decision aligns with this government view, and hope everyone can understand for Health & Safety reasons.

Q. Why have you closed?
A large number of our regular members partaking in public operations are at higher-risks of being affected by COVID-19 due to their age, many of whom are over 70, even over 80. This risk is significantly increased for members young & old who have underlying health issues. The Ministry of Health has supported this. We also were legally required to close due to later announced Alert Level 3 and 4 restrictions.

Q. What does this mean?
Trains will not be operating for the foreseeable future. We will not be open to the public on Sundays and all bookings will be cancelled. All events (Twilight Night Runs) are also cancelled while we are closed.

Q. When will you re-open?
We will likely re-open during Alert Level 1, when we are confident we can operate safely.

Q. Can I still use my tickets?
Once we re-open, you are still able to use all tickets purchased, as they do not expire until fully used. We are not able to offer any refunds sorry.

Q. I was planning a Birthday Party or Function at Minogue Park, what does this mean?
For anyone planning an event or birthday party in Minogue Park, this can still take place as it is a Public Park, but the trains cannot provide rides to the public. We deeply apologise for this inconvenience.

Q. Do any of your members have COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?
No! None of our members that we are aware of, are diagnosed with COVID-19 nor have they shown signs. There is no risk to the public that attended any of our recent events held on March 14th & March 15th 2020. We have not heard of any cases of the virus being contracted from our premises during operation either. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 and/or have tested positive AND attended any events on our premises over March 14th/15th 2020, please contact the appropriate health providers and the Hamilton Model Engineers. This is important for us so we can alert members and potentially suggest self-isolation.

Q. Will you still be on-site?
Yes, some of our volunteers may still be on-site for working bees or other activities, but all public operations will be stopped effective immediately. Gatherings within our club and its members will be limited.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us below.

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