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Club Origins

The Hamilton Model Engineers was founded in 1931 and incorporated in 1936.

Our first track was sited in Beerescourt Road and was a 7.25/5/3.5” raised oval track. We were then moved to Seddon Park, followed by a move to Hall Street which was hoped to be our final track.

In 1983 we were informed once again we would be moving. Now we have a wonderful track at Tui Avenue (Minogue Park). With two separate tracks we have over 1.6km of track winding through regenerating native bush, over 6 bridges and through 3 tunnels. The tracks all have a variety of travel choices and variety of grades.

What we do

The obvious activity for our club is the operation of our Miniature Railway. This is popular for all members, especially those that have limited time, or less interest in the actual modelling aspect of our club. Paired to the railway, behind the scenes is an extensive program of maintenance and renewals - from gardening, to rail and bridge replacements.

Many of our members partake in the modelling and engineering aspect of the hobby, and several have built and consequently own their very own miniature locomotives. Others get involved with the development of models, for entering into the Les Moore Challenge, held at a convention every 2 years. The next competition is in 2020 Here at our HME Club track.

The Club Today

Currently Hamilton Model Engineers has a membership of close to 70 people, from children to adults. 

We are always Looking for new members to come Join the club and Lean how to drive our club loco as well as members ones also to help maintain the club track and facilities membership is $10.00 per year.

Although there is a central interest of the Miniature Railway, our members have a diverse range of Modelling and Engineering interests. Real steam boats, Steam trains, Garden Railways, R/C Aircraft and stationary engines are just some of the interests.

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