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Day Passes - Registration Process now available!

We announced Day Passes for the Steam N' Steel 2020 convention in May 2019, and now we have an updated procedure for registering for these Day Passes.

Now that we're less than two months from the big event, we've seen increased demand for these Day Passes. This has shown us a better system was needed to handle this demand and make a more streamlined, reliable and informative experience for those registering.

We now have paper copy forms and online registration forms similar to our full attendee registration process, to gather the information we need and allow those wanting Day Passes to better understand their visit to the convention.

Linked below is our 'Registrations' page of the Steam N' Steel 2020 area of our website, for those wanting Day Passes to better understand the differences between being a 'Full Attendee' and only having a day pass, as well as the forms and online templates to register.

If you have any further queries or would like a large amount of day passes for your club for example, then please email us at 2020@hme.co.nz.

CLICK HERE to access the registration page.